Poetry’s Invitation

This weekend I went through a few bookshelves. My intent was a bit of sorting. Selecting a few to give to the public library. Reclaiming a bit of order on the shelves and stacks that had grown on my floor.

Not surprising to find a few books that I’d lost touch with. In particular, a couple of thin poetry collections either given to me by the authors, or that I’d purchased because I wanted to support their works.

I love re-finding the books. Pausing to read and peruse. Finding a renewed spot on my bookshelf. And then dwelling.

Poetry’s invitation is so often a dwelling to me. Dwelling in an image. Dwelling in a feeling. Dwelling in a few essence words. Dwelling in a question. Dwelling in some soul space, some play space, some richness.

It was Allister Hain’s collection of poems and songs, Releasing the Unknown, that stayed with me today (and remains on my re-sorted shelf). And this particular offering, The Desert Road, with Allister’s wonder of dissolving.

The Desert Road
Allister Hain

The desert road stretches into the distance
the one you walk every time you come here.

It starts out so easy to follow, so clearly marked
by time-worn rocks and black lava spouts.

As you walk farther along it becomes less and less clear
as the ribbons of desert join the undulations of road.

You come to the washout obscuring the path.
Where did the road go? Where is the path?

That desert road, always disappearing.
Or is it you, dissolving into it?

Here’s to staying with the invitation to feel and wonder our ways in life. Thx Allister for your wondering ways.

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