Poking Fun at the Virtual

Frankly, I’m really impressed with what can happen virtually.

I use Skype and Google Hangout a lot. Conference calls also. Maestro meeting spaces. Email galore. I’m impressed with the kind of intimacy and clarity that can happen when well hosted, and when hosted with simplicity.

My experience is that most people long for connection and belonging together. Cheers for the virtual.

And, it’s good to poke fun every now and then. Here’s a four minute video / skit of a virtual conference call acted out live. What makes it funny is that it is close enough to a truth that many of us know.

One Reply to “Poking Fun at the Virtual”

  1. Perfect. This made my day 🙂

    Everything that sucks in regular meetings can also suck on conference calls! Running a good meeting is a tangible skill, whether in the same room or not.

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