Practice of the Healthy Masculine

Two months ago when I was in Denmark for Practice for Peace Dojos, one of the morning practices that I so enjoyed with my friend Toke Moeller was with the bokken. It was mornings. It was out on Toke’s deck.

Last night I dreamed of sword practice. The dream had me back at Toke’s place again. There were three of us men, beginning to practice in the morning. There was deep friendship and deep respect for the many layers of practice we were in — bokkens, yes, but also consciousness, and presence. In the dream, one of the men suggested, “let’s use the real swords today (not the wooden ones).” It was an invitation to reverence and to next layers or practice. We began. Then I woke.

From that, these words of prose this morning. I love inviting the other realms of consciousness to integrate to this waking realm. With awareness that healthy masculine is something I seek to practice, explore, learn, and live. With awareness that there is great need in the world to return to and to evolve a healthy masculine — yes, in bodies that identify as men, but also in the masculine energy that calls out in any of us. And yes, to remember that masculine exists in relationship with feminine, inner and outer. All of that.

I dreamed,
of swords drawn,

three of us,
in practice.

My soul
seems to seek

the healthy

A bow to the evolution of it all and to the contributions that many are making.

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  1. and a bow to the evolution of Tenneson and the contributions that you are making, in companionship with others …

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