Really Grateful

I’m really grateful for the people around me that so regularly offer insights. I’m talking friends. Friends who are colleagues. Friends who are colleagues who are so regularly sorting and crafting inspired ways of being in the world. Digital this and that makes it so readily available. Relational history and friendship makes it so heartfelt.

Here’s a sample. I enjoyed sips of coffee this morning, at the kitchen bar, and insights from each of these people.

There’s Katharine Weinmann. I read her blog often. She combines insights, poetry, stories, guidance. Today she writes on Self Compassion. I shared with Katharine, “Medicine. That I needed today.” I shared her post with my son, also perhaps needing such guidance.

There’s Janice Steiner Rous. We are friends that go back 20 years, originally through some work. She’s in her 70s. A fireball of energy and wisdom. Today she announced her new program, Navigating the Aging Body. I loved our little email exchange. I told her I was exploring threads of “acting my age.”

There’s Chris Corrigan. He texts me saying that he’s compiling a play list of music and culture to use for our work together in Texas. Chris also blogs regularly. Oodles of brilliance. His way of learning both excites and grounds me. Makes me want to be smart and kind.

There’s Saoirse Charis-Graves. I get to meet with Saoirse pretty regularly. Her authenticity in learning and becoming has regularly inspired me. Her poetry has such beautiful integration of the raw and of the journey to metabolize.

And, and, and.

Tomorrow, or later this week, it might be different sips of coffee. With others showing up with their offerings.

What a great thing to be in flow with such insights and encouragements. It often feels to me like there is much more than mere chance occurring when we offer, and receive, medicines, and people, in this way.

Really grateful.

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