Reflecting On Grief — 16 Minute Podcast on Wise Leadership


I’m excited to be beginning a podcast with colleague and friend, Quanita Roberson. We’ve called it Fire & Water, with intention to help many of us “come of age in this age” and “cultivate wise leaders.”

This first offering, 16 minutes in length, is a conversation on grief. We cover a fair range that all speaks to the fundamental need to develop a relationship with grief (rather than just avoiding it):

  • letting go of the old for the new to come
  • lessons learned
  • the “wildness” of sorrow
  • the trouble with “untended gardens”
  • the need for community in grieving
  • how we avoid grief differently
  • the connection of rage to unprocessed grief
  • difference in masculine and feminine relationship with grief
  • spaces needed these days
  • the relief of permission


You can sign on to follow / share future podcasts at Podbean. We intend monthly ish shows. As always, please share with others as inspired.

And for those already ready for the edginess of a full 16-month leadership program, apply now for Fire & Water Leadership Cohort that starts August 2019. Again, please share with others as inspired.


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