Remembering the Outside and the Inside

It’s good to remember what this feels like, gathering with people under the same roof. For the most basic of things — circling, relating to a center, and relating to a landscape.

I’m grateful to the people of Hope Springs Institute that have welcomed our group here. To rest, to be fed, to commune together. To connect, to learn, to welcome a sense of flow.

To remember our outsides and our insides.

3 Replies to “Remembering the Outside and the Inside”

  1. Relating to … the center, the flame that lives within me — and you —

    Relating to the red and green leaves still vibrant amongst the dryness of late-autumn almost-winter …

    Relating to the faces I’ve seen so many times, now “seeing” the depth of eyes, the gentleness …

    Relating to breath — in me, in the other, in the earth beneath my feet, in the trees that surround me …

  2. Oh, my heart opens reading this, seeing the website. Today I host a live, in person circle for teachers to unpack who they are and how they’ve coped to the pandemic. My first in two years…Like riding a bicycle, I trust!

  3. Wonderful to see these words, Tenneson. Two days ago hosted my first in-person circle and world cafe in the Southern Gulf Islands. Great harvest but more importantly, people able to connect with one another and themselves.

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