Responsibility to Wonder, Connect

My Sweetheart’s Father was a pediatric cardiologist. This morning I was peeking at one of his articles, published in the 1965 Journal of Pediatrics.

Dr. Martin Riesman was a pioneer in his field. In this particular article he begins to explore the links between childhood lifestyle and adult heart disease.

The article is interesting to me, mostly because it is an exploring article. And in particular, his opening line:

“The speculations contained herein represent the author’s personal groping in an incompletely charted field of possible pediatric responsibility.”

So much that I love in that — from my field of group process facilitation.

“…personal groping…” is an acknowledgement of the importance of wonder. It speaks to the need to connect ideas. It speaks to the need to dream conclusions that others haven’t.

“…incompletely charted field...” is an acknowledgement of mystery. It speaks to the parts that aren’t all figured out, that call for our continued curiosity.

“…possible pediatric responsibility...” is an acknowledgment of accountability and invitation. It speaks to the baked in job responsibility — I would suggest for all of us in so many professions — to wonder and participate and learn in the mystery.

It’s delicious framing for working with groups. Wonder. Mystery. Learn.

A bow for this 1965 sharing. It was fun to follow the thread this morning.

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