Road Trip

That’s Shadow. He’s 13 and a half. He is a Lab / Retriever mix. He’s the kind of dog that follows you around from room to room. Dutifully. Lovingly. Great to project, isn’t it.

These days, that following isn’t so quickly. He isn’t so spry as, say, five years ago. Shadow lumbers up and down the stairs. He remains the kind of dog that sits next to someone if they are sad — I’ve seen it many times. Dog’s seem to know, don’t they.

Shadow hasn’t had many road trips in his days. In fact, yesterday was his first that exceeded 20 miles. Yesterday I drove from Lindon, Utah to Cedar City, Utah (225 miles). My 11 year-old and his friend were in the back seat. Shadow in the front on the floor, but here, enjoying a stop for gas.

Yes, he did enjoy a bit of head out the window with ears flapping in the wind. I wonder what he was thinking.

No big story to tell here today. Just the happiness I felt in the uniqueness of this road trip moment. And gratitude for this canine companion who has been with me through a lot of big stories over the last 13 years.

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