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It’s October 23-26, 2024. At the Wasatch Center in Salt Lake City. I’m co-hosting and co-creating with Rangineh Azimzadeh Tehrani.

Details are here. Save your spot now.

Because Circle centers it all. It is the most simple of containers, yet so often the most lasting of learning. For self and for teams. For leadership and for life.

Here’s some of what we’ll cover.

Foundations of skilled Circle practice, including essentials from The Circle Way Components Wheel — practices, principals, and agreements.

Core orientations of meaningful Circle hosting, online and in face to face meetings — showing up, asking questions, listening acutely, speaking honestly, harvesting insights, practicing the most essential rhythms of Circle.

Clarity of deep Circle spirit — the importance of breath, the tangibility of belonging, the potency of a centered way of being individually and collectively.

A co-learning space that welcomes participants to share learnings from their circle traditions and experiences — we wish to weave and encourage broad field of practice.

Come solo or with a team.

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