In my yard blooms an ornamental cherry tree. It was planted by the person that lived here before me. So, more than ten years ago. I enjoy the blossoms not of my planning or doing.

This week I found myself mesmerized by buds readied to flower. I love the white and pink colors ready to burst forth. I love the bunching of buds, huddled tightly, perhaps whispering their readiness. I love the accompaniment of green leaves and contrast of rich blue sky.

This week I’m found myself also mesmerized by scale. I looked at only the tip of one branch among many, counting buds. By my best guess, there are tens of thousands of buds on this small ornamental cherry tree.


This small ornamental cherry tree grows with little grooming from me. I only occasionally trim new shoots that rise from the base of its trunk.

I suppose, in this season of spring, I am drawn to such abundance and beauty, so near and natural.

I suppose, in this living of life, I’m drawn to where such buds grow naturally. In myself. With others. With kiss of sun.

This awakening with others, this budding with others — it too, might just be a scale of simple things that mesmerize.

From a spring day and a moment of pause and wonder.

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  1. Such a gift, this tree. And your words, this morning. It’s snowy and chilly, not the best of days for a visit to the cemetery. I have a tree there I watch closely. Not for buds, though now I will watch for those, too, on other trees. But for signs of life after the wounding of it’s bark in a severe and sudden winter freeze last year. I can’t help but think I am watching, too, for signs of life in my community after the wounding of the past year. We are struggling, stuck in an unhelpful pattern of reactivity and positioning. I see this in myself as well, the inclination to state my position. However, I am also seeing the way I wait and listen and wait. It gives me time and space to be curious. About your experience of buds and mine of a wounded tree.

    gratitude here for words that help me with my curiosity.

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