OK, so truth be told, I just like this set of three pictures, taken with iPhone camera as I enjoyed a bit of easy-paced Sunday morning time in my yard yesterday. In a “beyond words” way, they invite me to marvel a bit.

These are daisies growing near my front door, 2-3 feet tall. I love their wildness and abundance. They reseed prolifically each year. They bloom June through September where I live. I also love these perspectives of scale. The close-up interior of a single flower. The more distant perspective of a few flowers growing together. The yet more distant view of a larger section of garden.

These simultaneous views continue to teach me about myself and teach me in what I invite with groups. The inner world of individuals is rather rich, complex, and beautiful. So is the formation that is team. So is the shape that is organization.

I find myself pointing a lot these days — growing gardens if you will — to how the inner is connected to the outer, and how the the longer arc of things is connected to the now. How the big scale of how an organization works is connected to how its people work. And vice versa.

These are all scales that yield much important learning and consciousness. I’m grateful for the way daisies remind me of scale. And how they just bring aliveness in perspective.

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