Shades of Life 3 — A Conversation On Liberating Creativity

If learning is a central intent of the life journey (and I think it is), and, if learning with friends is an essential aspect of that life journey (again, I think it is), I’m sure enjoying this path of learning and friendship with Kathy Jourdain and Jerry Nagel.

We are old time friends. We have many lanes of shared practice in our work and in our living. We have joy together.

This recording is our third Shades of Life Conversation. It’s 47 minutes. Lots of insight. On creativity. On what lives beneath that. On what frees a mind and a heart to do good and helpful things with others.

In listening, I hope your find insight. Or maybe inspiration to engage a few Shades of Life with others near you. And if you would find a SoL conversation helpful, contact one of us to begin to explore and shape what that could be.

In the life journey with colleagues and friends.

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