Shades of Life; Shades of Learning

Kathy Jourdain, Jerry Nagel, and I recorded our 9th Shades of Life Conversation. Listen here.

These conversations are a delight. They are playful. Yet also purposed.

Shades of Life: Shades of Learning.

When I think “shades” I think hue (a particular family of colors), comfort (a shade tent), and expression (unique flavor). Our conversations have each of these.

Hue — I’d name the shade family as anchored in curiosity. And wonder. And in kind exploring.

Comfort — I’d name the shade comfort of our conversation as camaraderie. And laughter. And delighted expectation.

Expression — I’d name the unique flavor as desire to connect. And desire to feel alive in learning. And desire to dance with insight.

It’s really nice journey. And I think really nice pattern for how to be in learning community. Or friend communities that learn.

Enjoy the listen.

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