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It’s June. For many, the summer get’s full. We lose track of the post-summer things that need some organizing now.

Sign on now for this Circle Intensive.

“Breath and Belonging: A Circle Way Intensive lifts skill, practice, and imagination in the methodology that is Circle, and, in what lives beneath methodology — breath, belonging, return to center, and return to each other as a way of being.”

I’ll be hosting with Rangineh Azimzadeh Tehrani. We’ll be at a Wasatch Retreat Center in Salt Lake City, October 23-26, 2024.

Rangineh — “I am the daughter of Mohammad and Anna Azimzadeh Tehrani. My earliest years were rooted in Tehran where I lived with my parents and brother during the Iran/Iraq war, an experience that ultimately set the foundation for my commitment to peace and conflict transformation work. I have 15+ years of experience facilitating deeply human spaces that center connection and community, and have worked with cross-sector organizations (domestically and internationally) ranging from community-based organizations to local governments. I live into my core values of empathy and self-awareness through my work with The Circle Way.”

Thanks for shares as inspired. For showing up to learn. For reconnecting with what Circle can do.

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