Silence and Friendship — Two Great Medicines

My friend Charles has taught me many things over the years now. We’ve taught each other. It’s what friends do, I suppose, just by being in some life together.

Today, I found this gift in Charles’ writings on his blog, The Daily Sip. Charles writes of the gift of silence, and the surprise that many come to in life, awakening to that fact that that life isn’t exactly what our egos may have wished it to be.

We can awake with a delighted stretch to meet the new day, with welcome to hear the birds chirping or the rooster crowing. I’m glad to have those mornings.

We can awake with pain and the dread of needing to face challenging circumstances. I know plenty of these also.

Through it all, this morning, I simple celebrate friends who know things, and our kind enough to welcome life together.


This is the great medicine.

To sit in silence and wait, watching one’s breath and mindful of thoughts is the great work of the soul’s freshness.

Charles’ full post from The Daily Sip is here.


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