Some Glad Morning

When I’m traveling and working, often my morning time (my preferred writing time) is very diminished. It’s filled with other good things, like design for the day to host a group. It’s filled with checking in with teammates to share how each other is doing. It’s filled with last minute clarifications.

What I still do, and love, is to check in on some others that write. Their words will often spark me. I need to hear beautiful words from others. I’m so grateful for those that continue to share.

I’ve shared Shawna Lemay’s writings before. Today I just thank her again, for her post that included the poem below, Some Glad Morning, by Joyce Sutphen. This one relaxes my body’s entire breath, as comfortable as collapsing into bed for such satisfying rest.



Some Glad Morning
by Joyce Sutphen

One day, something very old
happened again. The green
came back to the branches,
settling like leafy birds
on the highest twigs;
the ground broke open
as dark as coffee beans.

The clouds took up their
positions in the deep stadium
of the sky, gloving the
bright orb of the sun
before they pitched it
over the horizon.

It was as good as ever:
the air was filled
with the scent of lilacs
and cherry blossoms
sounded their long
whistle down the track
It was some glad morning.

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