I’m noticing I’m a bit full with words these last few days. I feel myself stretched externally into extroverted and am really needed the internal and introverted.

At times like this I need other mediums. Quiet. Nature. Music. Yah, there’s still words in the music, but it’s a different feeling.

The song that is looping in me lately is called Soulshine. I first heard my friend Roq play and sing it a few weeks ago. The version I’m listening to is Warren Haynes (of Allman Brothers, etc.) live at Bonnaroo. It’s got a good gritty, scratchy, folk feel to it. Not smaltzy or sappy. I notice I can’t help but close my eyes, tap my feet, and sway with it.

I’m trying to give myself permission to go inside. It feels good.

When you can’t find the light,
that guides you through a cloudy day.
When the stars ain’t shining bright,
it feels like you’ve lost your way.

When the candle light of home
burns so very far away
oh you go to let your soul shine
just like my daddy used to say.

it’s better than sunshine,
it’s better than moonshine,
damn sure better than rain.

Well now people don’t mind,
we all feel this way sometimes,
you’ve got to let your soul shine,
shine ‘til the break of day.

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