Space, Pace

On the weekend I got to visit a friend, and walk among these autumn leaves. I loved the friendship. I loved the carpetedness of this forest section.

I’ve been writing a bit lately about yearnings. And about the spaces between tasks and todos in which integration is the important work. It’s not just brain work, but does include that. It’s also body and spirit that I’m learning can only come from some deliberate dwelling.

For inspiration.

I wish
for space
to let
the remnants

I wish
for pace
brain and heart
to let
it all
dwell peacefully.

3 Replies to “Space, Pace”

  1. Hi Tenneson,
    I really enjoyed this poem. I am leading a simple weekend retreat for a group of women friends and hoping I can use it (and fully attribute it to you of course).

    thank you!

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