Start Again — A Poem of Beginnings

Start Again

I said goodbye to my parting parents.
On they went after five days reconnected.
It’s old and familiar belonging.
It’s slowed time that heals.
And then the speed of postponed things returns.
Good things, yet this transition unsteadies.

But then I start again.

That phone call was jarring.
This time my dear son in deep struggle.
It’s old and familiar pain. 
I hope it can transform some day.
This isn’t a call that vanishes quickly. 
It, and the worry in me, bakes.

But then I start again.

That other jarring text. 
Of blame and hurtful assertions. 
It’s old and familiar narrowness.
It’s words that drip with exploiting judgement.
It’s ridiculously unfair. 
Punishing in tone.

But then I start again.

Start again.
In new day,

or in new hour, refreshed.
With kindness.
With clarity.
It’s what I know.

To start again.

6 Replies to “Start Again — A Poem of Beginnings”

  1. I know this. I’m sorry for what is jarring, punishing.
    blame and hurtful assertions.

    breathing. connecting with the body, the sensations in this leg, this arm, this chest.

    may you be well in this moment.

  2. My start again today was to the music of sea lions and robins singing their tunes in the pre dawn air.

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