I So Love a Vista

Those are parts of the Wasatch Mountains. In Utah County, near where I live. I love the heavy snow contrasted with blue skies of Spring. The peaks near 12,000 feet. The valley itself is 4,500 feet. We are high desert valley.

Vista’s compel vision. It’s connected to some other deep learning that has come to me over the last few weeks. It is how the simple lives in relationship with the complex.

The simple of a vista such as this is beauty. Expansiveness. The simple offers a purpose. Or a feeling. Something that remains still while many parts move.

The complex — well, that’s real too. In the above, that’s the overflow of Utah Lake that feeds marsh. And that floods a few nearby dried farmer fields.

With the group I worked with last week, we held simple story. “We are here to connect and to learn together — to explore and contribute our gifts as a cohort of leaders for the betterment of ourselves and those who we work with.” That simplicity matters.

But so does the complex. “The differences among us. The selective attention. The variation of preference and style. The urgency we face. The fatigue we endure.”

Things go so easily wrong when the simple is missing, and, when the ability to be in the complex is missing or denied. Or when the complex obfuscates the already existing yet unnamed simple.

These are patterns. In the everyday. In so many communities of work.

Yup, learning. Nuancing. Enjoying vista. And some of the scratchy complexities that goes with it.

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