Start Again — Thx Rupi Kaur

I admire the beauty, this time of year, of the purpled and blued lavender. Lavender takes a while to blossom where I live. But when it does, it is abundant. And when it does, the bees come aplenty, which seems to be a good thing these days.

I admire the beauty this time of year of the purpled and pinked morning glory. Yes, it vines its way through most everything. Impressively. Morning glory opens most vibrantly in the start of the mornings.

The writer Rupi Kaur offers in her book, the sun and her flowers, “never feel guilty for starting again.”

I am lifted by the encouragement to keep starting. Sometimes the starts are the simple beginnings of the day. Get up. Out of bed. Celebrate. Journal. Meditate. Contribute learning and invitations. Sometimes the starts are bigger, more seasonal. Exercise. Move. Let go. Wander. Take hope, again. Be in the all of it, puzzling or comforting, as openly as possible.

It’s not just the outcomes that are the main point of things here. It’s the starting again. The waking to loveliness. The remembering life energy. The moving with intuition. The kindness of a first next step (rather than every detail after that).

Yup, never feel guilty about the energy of starting again, big or small. For me, welcome a joy, unapologetically, of a step that starts the heart again.

Purpled, blued, and pinked.

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  1. just sitting with the starting again this morning … and the wisdom of flowers that open afresh each morning. May it be so with my soul.

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