Starting Now

With thanks to Lisa, participant in Fire & Water, for sharing this poem by Joyce Sidman, poet and writer. I love the words in this poem that open my heart to beginning and to the company of others.

Starting Now
Joyce Sidman

It is time for us to wake:
we who stumble through the day
with our gripes and complaints,
who drift numbly
through throning halls and streets – 

you and I,
who rant about injustice,
who see all that is wrong in this world
but believe we are shackled and powerless.

It is time to look into
each other’s faces,
we who glide along the surface,
time to dive down 
and feel the currents
of each other’s lives.
Time to speak until the air 
holds ALL of our voices.
Time to weave for each other
a garment of brightness.

Open your eyes.
Feel your strength.
Bless the past.
Greet the future.

Join hands.
Right here.
Our moment:
starting now.

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