Staying Connected During Self Isolation — Thx Sam Bradd


Oh, these times. There is hope. There is worry. They go together. Like so many, I’m in both. It matters that we be honest together.

So much for now is hunkering down — the physical distancing, the mass postponings, yet also gratefully, the continuation of services — from medical professionals to grocery store cashiers and the truck drivers that are delivering goods.

For today, I’ll share some of the hope. Some of the creativity. It’s a set of illustrations from Sam Bradd, a graphic recorder based in Vancouver, British Columbia (and shared with me by Amanda Fenton). 

The full set of illustrations is here on Sam’s site. Here’s the list of illustrations, which are really invitations for things to do in support of self and each other.

  • Create care. Be kind. Create special hellos and goodbyes
  • Find 3 buddies
  • Routines and ritual
  • Put up a sign
  • Phone someone
  • Group texts
  • Offer your skills
  • Get fresh air
  • Self care (image of dad and kid doing breathing exercises)
  • Mail a letter or email an old friend
  • Share tips and resources online (take a break when needed)
  • Do an online course with someone
  • Access the library for free online – books, stream movies, magazines
  • Have a video call – book club, dance party, or just to say hi

I love the simplicity. I love the offering. I love the reminder that we have choices and resourcefulness. We have steps we can take, to creatively engage this hunkering down time. 

What will be on the other side of it all, will be for another day.


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