Lindon Harbor on Utah Lake is a rather still place, as harbors are meant to be. It is ten minutes from my home.

I’ve walked there, on paths near this spot above. I’ve paddled kayaks there, and out onto the larger lake. I’ve swam there, for relief from the heat of summer.

Last week I went to Lindon Harbor to watch a sunrise. And to breathe a bit of stillness. And as it turned out, to see these ducks in the harbor.

Yesterday I wrote of Long View. Need for. Hunger for. From a week of long walks, long drives, and long meditation sits.

I so value times of tending to inner and to quiet. I so value the friends and colleagues that help to create harbor for this inner tending, and that share their stories.

I so love the people that have reminded me to love the ordinary. To love the stillness.

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