Perhaps stillness is what a lillypad flower looks like, like these taken recently at a nearby lake.

I’m thinking a bit about stillness as Quanita Roberson and I prepare for a second online wisdom series that centers or Presence (begins September 9, 2020), with weekly themes of Stillness, Courage, Embodiment, and Joy. All of that to cultivate more wisdom, not just more information, and that has everything to do with teams, groups, communities.

When I think Stillness, one important thread is more freedom from distraction. There is much that competes for our attention isn’t there. There is much that defaults us to movement, which sometimes is our own personal campaigns to avoid a deeper integration of ourselves, each other, and our circumstance.

Stillness, like the lillypad flower.

When I think Stillness, another important thread is ironically about more, not less. The more is about connection to life. Some might say to spirit. The more is about added oneness, that words just aren’t enough to represent. Stillness brings opportunity of path to nuanced connection. It’s a bigger world folks, with oodles of intricate detail, much nearer than we often think.

Stillness, the way the lillypad flower is expression of life, nuanced by sourcing that is pond.

Here’s to practice. Here’s to being students of stillness, and of life. Here’s to being contributors, sometimes just by our being.

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