Take It All In

Today I’m appreciating buddy and colleague Chris Corrigan’s recent blog post, “Who Do You Love?” He features Detroit-born musician, rapper, and artist Lizzo doing an NPR-recorded Tiny Desk Concert. My appreciation includes these words from Chris, among a bunch of other good words:

“…not be exclusively directing my emotions outward, but instead to notice how love, anger, loyalty, and reverence can be a healthy part of my inner life, and not merely directed outwardly all the time…”

It’s good stuff. Inner and outer go together. The inner isn’t superfluous chatter. It actually constructs the reality of the outer. That’s full life learning there.

Enjoy Chris’ post.

And watch the video — I did in fact smile for 17 minutes, which is pretty damn good medicine to take in.



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  1. Another inspirational person is Viola Spolin, acting teaching whose work laid the foundations for the Second City improv group. In the preface to her book Improvisation for the Theater, she states the guiding vision for all her work: “My vision is a world of accessible intuition.” Intuition being comprised, manifested, by the full range of internal senses

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