Teaching The Circle Way

I am in quite a stretch of teaching The Circle Way. Last week, with Amanda Fenton, it was a practicum on Whidbey Island. Really a delicious experience. The food. The location. The group of participants. The stories shared. The laughs from the belly. The tears from heart. The evolution of learning. In me, and among all of us.

Today I leave for Australia for another stretch. It will include some work within an organization. It will include another practicum. This too, I anticipate to be delicious, and quite likely for very similar reasons.

It is learning that will continue to unfold in me, but from this last week on Whidbey, I am renewed with clarity, particularly from the depth of a story council:

  • it is a privilege to hear story
  • it is a privilege to share story
  • there is healing in the hearing
  • there is healing in the sharing
  • depth of sharing needs a container
  • The Circle Way really helps to create that container

Feeling appreciative.

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