Thanks Giving

In honor of US Thanksgiving.

Among other things, I am thankful for:

  • Outstanding and purposeful work in the world in which my new colleagues become my new friends, and in so doing, we become even better colleagues and friends invoking wild imagination and a bit of mischief.
  • Family past and present that continue to laugh, cry, and learn together through the day to day and the more stretching changes that are part of life.
  • Shadow, my family’s 14 year-old Lab / Retriever mix that now in his declining days, still wags his tail with in excitement to meet each other.
  • Refining and initiation that is the long arc of life and not necessarily easy, and the friends that can see beyond the tactical and psychological into existential allies.
  • The blessing of life, time in this body, in these communities, and on this planet, in this time of radical change.

Thanks Giving.


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  1. Hi dear Tenn. This is a deep list, evoking for me an image of hands deep in good soil, tending life at the roots and not afraid of what’s in the dark. I am thankful for our friendship. With love and blessings xo

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