The Art of Humans Being — Beginning

I arrived in Boston yesterday. Was picked up by friend and colleague Judy Wallace to drive to the North Shore. Staying in Swampscott with another from our team, Lisa Abby. Later today we will be joined by Edveeje Fairchild. We’ll meet each other and feel our way into a design for the next three days with 20 participants.

Last night was a good beginning in friendship. Sitting on Lisa’s patio overlooking the Atlantic, eating Lisa’s great Ratatouille. After socializing a bit, we shifted into circle. It is always the place of on for me. The place and time when we begin to enliven and activate the purpose of our work. It is as if the work itself is a life entity. We are simply breathing some life into it. Or perhaps more accurately, welcoming in to breath through us.

Many words expressed through the stories that the three of us shared. Stories of courage to follow important paths, paths of surprise in our lives. Stories that reflect the wound of being human, as well as the utter delight of being human. In all, it feels like there is an invitation living through us — to welcome life living through us.

I’m very much anticipating the next several days together with our participants. I have unique anticipation for this inquiry. And for the noticing together of what is possible as human beings. We will be working together, laughing, living to notice practices, issues, and questions that help illuminate and share a new story of what is possible as humans being.

Rather cool!

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