Presencing, Repatterning, Restorying

Inspired by this rhythm that we are holding at The Art of Humans Being. It feels like the part that is underneath the design of our day. It feels like the intention.

Presensing — many have done great work on this. I learn a lot from people like Otto Scharmer, Ann Linnea, Christina Baldwin, Teresa Posakony. Or here, Judy Wallace, Lisa Abby, and Ed’veege Fairchild. It is an intent to source. To open more channels for information to come through us. At this event we are being deliberate to have bigger spaces for this sourcing and presencing through us.

Repatterning — Shifting the very energy that we are. If we are energetic beings that vibrate or resonate at unseen levels, what happens when we see change in us as a repatterning of that energy? Many know the experience of feeling changed by a loved one, an experience, an event, a poem. The experience of feeling ourselves different. I sense it is the different resonance coming from who we are and the experience with any of these things that makes for the change.

Restorying — if we assume that all stories are partial representations of what is going on, what is the story that can be told when deliberate presencing and repatterning is happening? It feels like the story, a new story, present all along, becomes visible. It is there waiting for us to see it and bring it to a level of seeing.

Glad to be in this inquiry. In this rhythm.

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