The Art of Humans Being — Day 3

I am beginning to feel the basic story that is emerging for me in this gathering. At this halfway point, I’m feeling it arrive in ways that I feel I can carry. A simplicity that is on the other side of complexity.

1.There is more going on than we know. Human being is not all that it seems.

2.In commitment to presencing, we begin to repattern. In repatterning, we our changed and can begin to see more of the story of who we are.

3.There are many doorways into presencing. Poetry. Art. Sound. Toning. Meditation. SIlence. Writing. Try the ones you feel drawn too.

Sensing today what I would like to offer to feed our design. As a collective presencing, a poetry buffet, using a format I learned from David Markwartz. The poems will be my grandmother’s poems, from her collection, So Roses Can Grow.

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