Harvest — The Art of Humans Being

In the closing checkout circle for this gathering near Boston, our hosting team spoke a bit of “activation.” It was one of the intentions of this gathering. To “activate” the energy of a new story of humans being. To see ourselves and participants changed significantly from having been together. Awakened to self. To each other. To another range of listening. To impressions. To feel an invitation to see things not just as they are, but to see the many levels of choice that feed a core identity of who we are.

At one level this does not feel like it is anything new. I know I observe this in many places. And I celebrate it each time. But I would add, in the spirit of practice that I’ve learned with so many, this is something new to keep welcoming into us. I believe there is something happening when we are in a well-held group that makes so much more available to us, so much more available through us, that is not available when we are by ourselves. Or when we are not in a deliberateness of container.

It seems as though the good qualities in us are amplified (I don’t really know what I mean by good here). Our qualities of love and hope and friendship and patience, inspiration — so many things — are amplified. Amplified enough to be seen (moved from the unseen category). Amplified enough to be seen as a choice of how to be together. Another story seen as legitimate choice. Another way of being as the new norm. I admit, I so value this kind of space.

Activation. Repatterned. Identifying with a particular story of who we are and what are offerings can be at this time. This is all open learning for me now, that I believe has been seeded again, so well because of this gathering. A very cool part is that when activated, not only do we live from a different place, but we also attract from a different place. In that way that self-organization happens, energetically, life is drawn to us around an activated identity. Life is drawn to us because we are ready to be in relationship with it from this new place.

Ah, so much. Activation. Such a helpful lens I find.

The experience in Essex was rich. A few harvest offerings and links:


Beginning — Reflections with Design Team

Rhythm — Of Design: Presencing, Repatterning, Restorying

Perspectives and Practices for Repatterning — Harvest of Day 2 Checking Circle

Red Thread — Clarity of Story for Humans Being

12 Principles for Healthy Community Change — Dialogue Poem

Photos — A Few That Turned Out Well (thanks Ria Baeck for taking a few on my camera)

Ning — Group Site for Harvest Offerings and Conversations (an experiment in making these available to the broader AoH Community, as well as ease of access to this particular group)

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