The Circle Way 4 Week Online Class Starts Today

I’m teaching this online class with Amanda Fenton, who is delightful. She doesn’t just do circle. She practices it. She lives it. I learn much from and with her.

Twenty-eight participants will gather for the first class today, offered twice. We capped registration at 14 per class to encourage a kind of intimacy and knowing each other. Delicious people, each who have expressed in writing some of what they care about. Schools. Meetings at work. Situations of conflict and mediation. Family. Community. First Nations. Healthcare. Government. Social work. Libraries. And more. It’s a big list. It’s an important part of the invitation to encourage real purpose and meaning. Today that will shift to voice and video together.

Nine countries in which these participants are living — USA, Canada, India, Australia, Austria, Wales, Bermuda, New Zealand, Spain.

What is exciting and attractive to me that is that each of us comes with a baseline assumption, or hope, that connection matters. We all want meaning and purpose in our gatherings. We are all looking for a simplicity to help that happen more regularly.

I hope, and intend, that together, we all find within us and among us the added witnessing and courage that helps us to be, practice, and live in the best ways in these many environments that we care about.

Ready, go.

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