The Circle Way & Race Equity

A nice recent piece here from a few of my colleagues / pals on The Circle Way Board — Rich Rivera, Diane Jordan, and Nancy Fritsche Eagan. It’s a conversation. It’s 33 minutes. Lots of headlines — quite importantly to me being that Circle provides a container so that the conversation, the connection, and the learning, can be held in a helpful way.

I appreciate the call to listen with humanity. I continue to learn that this means listening to self and other with grace. And, as I continue to learn with my colleague and friend, Quanita Roberson, behind race / equity work is the work of healing, wholeness, and freedom.

I continue to learn that healing and freedom, at their deepest layers, require deliberate inner work so as to be able to change and influence the outer.

Have a listen. I’m glad for the many of us using Circle to get to the needed places.

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