The Circle Way — Transforming The Person

Hamish Lindop is a new friend. He lives in New Zealand. He was participant the first series of online classes that Amanda Fenton and I offered on The Circle Way.

Though the class ended in March, the class that Hamish was in has continued to meet for connection and for learning. I suppose I could say that they are continuing to meet because of the feeling of transformation.

Hamish recently shared this appreciation, which moved me. With permission, I share his words here. I love the way that he witnesses the change that is happening in him through connection and circle.

I was reflecting a little more on our circle generally, and noticing how it is gradually transforming me as a person. The more that I get to know you all, and the more that goes into the well that is the centre of this circle, I find that I am gradually changing. I have a thin layer of cement around my heart, and I can feel cracks forming in that, and myself opening up more, to my family in particular. So I want to thank you all for creating this centre with me; and the centre, and you all, are in turn creating a new me. 
Thanks Hamish.

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  1. This is why I love this work. The ice shield breaks gradually, allowing in the light gradually. Gradual seems to be the way we humans can take in Love and Loving information. I am impatient by nature around these matters, so I love his words/teaching. Another quote I love, from A Course in Miracles is : “Patience is natural to those who trust”. I love this man’s trusting heart, and I love Tenneson.

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