The Deeper Why

It’s one of my favorite things to facilitate. I love to take a group into a question about their deeper why.

Sometimes it is for the individual — what is the deeper why of your work? Or the deeper why of your life? Or, how is it that the deeper why of your work connects to the deeper why of your life?

Sometimes it is for the group — what is the deeper why of what you are up to together? Or, what is it that you hope your deeper why together contributes? Or, what do you hope it contributes now, and in the longer arc?

I love the energy that is created from such a question, when responses are given ample open range.

One of the reasons I love questions about the deeper why is that it is not just a prompt to know. It is not just a prompt to be in our brains, smart and clever, thorough and summative.

Deeper why prompts are about being clear in feeling also. About being belly true. They are about letting words arise from a wondering, an intuition, a hope, and a longing.

When groups wake to that invitation, it’s game-changing. Deeper why animates longer lasting yes.

So, yah, fun. And enlivening. And, rather simplifying also.

3 Replies to “The Deeper Why”

  1. Greetings Tenneson,

    Such wise and thought provoking words. I am wondering if you could explain to me what do you mean by “arc”.

    Sending in respect and gratitude.

    1. Thx for reaching out Debra. I think of “arc” as the horizon. The longer view. The timeline that is more than just today. Yet, still retains a kind of connected coherence, even over the long stretch.

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