The Great Expansive Work of the Inner

Over the years of my learning, of my leading, and of my facilitating, I have come to deeply appreciate the essential work of the expansive inner.

As a poet, I know some of what honing to essence of the deeply inner can open in the many layers of outer.

As a coach and guide, I have come to know much of what encouraging others into the their inner provides as gateway to their fruitful outer.

As a facilitator, I have experienced many times the hunger and depth that groups wish, so as to contribute to their respective mandates and causes with meaning and purpose and passion.

The inner — all of the noticings — is often map to the most poignant real stuff. The relevance of the inner provides access to platforms that can transform. Most humans wish for the integrated living. Most of us are learning to reclaim such liberation. Most are searching for experiences and containers that bring alive what is already in us, but lost or dormant.

So, reflecting a bit today on large bodies of water (like this recent view above, into the North Sea from Rorvig, Denmark), I find myself appreciating the many of us experimenting and practicing, large and small, with inner as path to outer. It’s not all of one and then the other. I experience it as continued dance along the way, the inner leads guiding the outer, and sometimes the outer leads, spinning back to an inner.

The poet Yung Pueblo writes some of this essential and expansive inner in his book, Clarity & Connection (thx Chris Smyth for gifting me a copy).

time does not heal all wounds: it just gives
them space to sink into the subconscious,
where they will continue to impact your emotions
and behavior. what heals is going inward,
loving yourself, accepting yourself, listening
to your needs, addressing your attachments
and emotional history, learning how to let go,
and following your intuition.

I am grateful to the many companions, past and present, who have known the importance of such expansive learning and kindness, through the inner. I am grateful to be in such learning surrender to love of the deeply inner that welcomes me and others into deep inner. I am grateful for the aliveness all of it brings, and for being with friends, loved ones, and colleagues that know we must hold each other into the expansive views in work and in life.

A bow.

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