The Inner Work of Opposition

I’ve been needing this kind of medicine lately. Offered by the Swiss Psychiatrist, Carl Jung. I saw it posted by American Mythologist, Michael Meade.

Whenever my outer world focusses on opposition, I’ve learned to look further inward. I find I really need a space of quiet. Often sitting in meditative ways for a longer period. Returning to breath. And returning to what I can find clear in me beyond my elevated stubbornness, my insistence, and my desire to convince.

It’s the still within that let’s me encounter and be still with what is outer.

Yes, medicine. A not to these men who guide, teach, and journey.

2 Replies to “The Inner Work of Opposition”

  1. “Elevated stubbornness “. Goodness! For me it’s really stubborn righteousness!!!

    I’ve been discovering the work of Richard Bringhurst. What gems to ponder.


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