The Long View

This photo is part of the Columbia Valley, near Fairmont, BC, as seen from the Hoo Doos near the Kootenay Highway. The river running in the front, below, is Dutch Creek. The body of water further up in the picture is Columbia Lake, headwaters to the Columbia River that flows all the way down to Portland, Oregon.

I pretty much like anything that invites reflection on the long view. I suppose, in part, this time, because I’m entering another stage of significant life shift. I don’t know what it is, but I can feel it. Sometimes, the very best thing any of us can do is to look up, and look long, to dwell in the forest, not the trees. To explore the valley, not just the boulders in front of us.

Family does help me to reflect on the long view, for which I’m grateful. It helps my to see the spaces I’ve been, and the spaces that now might be calling. It helps connect me to a history. It helps release me to an unknown. Good differences to be in, right.

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