The New Common

I feel like I’m in a kind of conversation, a kind of learning, a kind of yearning. And I’m having a bit of a tough time feeling eloquent about it. It once felt new. Or perhaps newer. It is the kind of conversation that is about exploring and creating new systems in relation to new consciousness. It is not so much about maintaining old systems. That conversation is starting to feel much more common. And in that commonness, perhaps even a bit more exciting. Maybe even relieving – not so alone.

Recently I was in one of those conversations with colleagues Jane Lindsey and Sue Guttenstein of ADIEWA Centre in Ontario, Canada. Jane, Sue and I renewed are association last fall. We have been meeting by phone ever since to explore roots of change and action. Those particular roots are about consciousness, resonance, energy. We have a commitment to keep exploring and creating an event to convene others later this year.

It is a great sign to me when the framing of the inquiry includes references like this:
-the world is not operating as it was before
-it is important to keep grounded when things are changing as they are
-it’s moving time
-there are so many worlds in a world
-the stuff of this world invites learning and unlearning
-the importance of the other me (the hidden parts of us) to become more visible
-we haven’t a clue how it turns out
-trusting that what comes through me is what is needed
-creating containers for the infusion of energy, flow, and inspiration

Jane, Sue, and I have laughed as we have explored all of this. When we imagine inviting others in, expanding our circle of learners, there is a basic question — Are you having a reaction here? If the new ways of framing the world are real, then what happens to our conception of reality and how we work together?

We are committed to an exploration — the underlaying assumptions about how to tap the intelligence of a group and of fields.

I don’t know what this wave, this loop of consciousness is. In fact, I think I’ve felt more clear in times past. Now it feels as though I’ve gone further into those new learnings, and begun a chrysalis kind of shift and transformation. It feels gooey. And yet, ultimately compelling.

Here’s hoping for the new. Here’s appreciating the many shifts and the many friends who also feel compelled.

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