Tweets of the Week

  • Nice piece here created by a local (Utah) animator and dancer. On yearning. Love. Humans being humans.
  • My son Elijah (5) enjoying his inner fish handstands.
  • Bag It Trailer (3 minutes) — A story from the average guy on our relationship to plastic:
  • In Utah after #AoHCalgary. Grateful 4 new friends, old friends. Full of learning. Tender & excited in learning edges. Glad 2 C my kids.
  • In living systems there are no finish lines. There are only adaptive starting conditions. Chris at #AoHCalgary.
  • Chris at #AoHCalgary: Work is action. Work and learning is wise action. Work, learning and relationship is wise action that lasts.
  • Chris Corrigan at #AoHCalgary: Public meetings are a place that social capital goes to die.
  • Monica at #AoHCalgary: “Dialogue and learning is action. I feel it working in me now.”
  • #AoHCalgary: meta harvest to be created at Leading Change Thru Dialogue, Learning and Action
  • Good day with the Calgary team. Creating and setting a container that can hold us in our AoH jazz of the next few days. Indian food too.
  • On my way to Calgary (from Edmonton via Red Arrow) to begin an Art of Hosting training. Quite liking this bus with internet and power.
  • Nice post here from Tom Atlee on the changing roles of concentrated wealth and our relationship to it.

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