The Prep Is In The Details; The Prep Is In the Guiding Spirit

Worldlink Medical, Creating Empowered Practice

This is a week of touching a few last minute preparations. I’ll be hosting two days with a group of medical providers seeking to transform their business models. It’s away from insurance-based tightly defined protocol. It’s toward what I think of as added liberation and artistry in care. It’s good to be amongst the yearning that is participants sharing a few stories in advance. And it’s good to with with the local hosting team that is learning its way to formats of participation and engagement together rather than keynote deliveries.

So, I, and we the team, are tweaking last details. Questions for a cafe. Materials for a new teach on “connection is the business model.” Formats that deepen traditional panels and presentations to more animated group learning. Process for harvesting tool-kits, both at the layer of next step, and at the layer of guiding insight. In our case, all in support of empowered practice, empowered people. Clarity. Liberation. Artistry.

Yup. The prep is in the details. Know the plan. Integrate it well for a two-day format. And the prep is in the guiding spirit, doing the work under the work. To meet these people where they are in mind and heart. To invite them to go just a bit further.

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