The Simple Narrative — The Basics Are The Same


I am grateful for the conversation that I had with two colleagues yesterday. We know each other initially from some work between 2010 and 2013. We continue to know each other, because there is an irrepressible friendship and colleagueship that comes from work that moves both mind and spirit.

Yesterday’s conversation was about imagining a couple of gatherings that we will likely offer this October. We were each sharing stories of our current learning that will help to shape that work.

“The basics are the same.
What this work does is cultivate presence.
In ourselves.
And in who we are together.
There is great need for high quality speaking,
observing more than is the rational,
and consciousness.
There is great need to interrupt the patterns of rushing,
and of political maneuvering.
There is great need to relearn to seek the essence,
and to trust that to nourish us,
all of us.”

I am grateful for colleagues who become life-long friends, in whom we animate more of the mystery within which we all live, and more of the sense-making that guides both the long arc, and, the trust in just the next few steps.


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