The Wow of a Vista

From a recent walk. With Sweetheart. Near where we live.

Evokes some “wow” in me.

We are high desert. Five thousand feet above sea level. Yet at the foot of mountains. That’s some of the Wasatch range above, on the east side of this valley. Sunrises over that range are quite compelling. A few of those peaks are at 12,000 feet. So, yup, high.

We live in a valley. More to come on the West side Oquirrh Range in the days and months to come, that has a few peaks at 10,000 feet. Oquirrh is a Goshute word with meaning of wooded. So, yup, some trees.

It’s an everyday sight here. It’s also everyday breathtaking. Something about the snow this time of year, the grand horizons, and the open fields — all in proximity.

Something about the love of such geography and such wow so near, within touch and with ample imagination.

A bow. Gratitude.

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