These Winter Days


This morning I found myself appreciating a few things where I live, in Utah, in a valley wilded by Wasatch Mountains. I found myself appreciating this season of snow, frost on windows, frozen breath, shortened days dancing with longer nights.

These Winter Days
Tenneson Woolf

These Winter Days,
I particularly enjoy heat on my hands
through the tall mug holding my hot tea.
I hold it while it holds me.

These Winter Days,
I relish the sun in low horizon,
that removes the edge of chill,
luxuriously baking my living room.

These Winter Days,
I quite like layering myself 
in sweater, jacket, thick gloves, and woolen hat
for a walk outdoors, breathing crisp air while in crisp pace.

These Winter Days,
bring a certain appreciation in me
for the simple forms of warmth and light
that bring me home.

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