This Moment. This Moment. This Moment.

A beloved friend, Charles LaFond has been checking in on me this week.

He knows that I’m euthanizing my family dog, Shadow (shown above), on Saturday. Charles has deep affiliation for his dog, Kai — I know that Charles understands. He knows that this euthanizing will happen at my home. He knows that Shadow has been a great companion. Charles also knows that Shadow has become disoriented (his eyesight and hearing) in his old bones and 14 year-old body.

One of the things I appreciate with Charles is his deep soulfulness. He’s a priest, whose ministry is now focussed on supporting the homeless in New Mexico. I love his centered words that he shared with me this week, knowing that this moment is intricately linked to so much more.

“One step and one moment at a time. This moment. This moment. This moment.”

Thanks Charles. Good practice for much more than what is happening this week, yet feels so extra crystal clear in the day to day of this particular week.

3 Replies to “This Moment. This Moment. This Moment.”

  1. My thoughts are with you in these final days with your beloved Shadow. Our pets never truly leave us. They teach us lessons about presence, love, happiness, and ever lasting optimism. That will be left with you. Hugs are from Minnesota to you, in these last days and hours with your true companion.

  2. Sigh… it’s so difficult to say good-bye to our furry friends. I know you’ll cherish the memories of your days with Shadow. I’m sending a hug from Seattle and wishes for peace in your heart. This moment. This moment.

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