This Very Moment

This very moment is the perfect teacher.

It’s the voice of Buddhist Nun, Pema Chodron, that most guides me with this awareness.

It’s some of the best orienting advice I know.

Because it helps me to attempt curiosity.

What might I be being called to learn? To face? To accept? To consider? To surrender to? To contribute to? To celebrate? What is showing up?

What might this larger circumstance, or these patterns, be inviting me to pay more attention to? In the outer world? In my inner world? In isolation? In community? In surprise? In uncertainty? In clarity?

It’s a keen starting point for me, personally and professionally. If “this very moment is the perfect teacher,” what might I follow with heart? With belly? With courage? With love? What might we follow?

What might we learn as contribution to well-being from our best efforts to pay attention to this very moment? What if the whole were available in any of the parts?

Oh, to live with such kind framing of human beings in endeavors of all sorts.

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