Thistles Before Timpanogos

Thistle Before TimpanogosI love this photo, taken earlier this week on a walk with Glen Lauder, about one mile from my home.

It was the thistle that caught my attention. I believe they are Milk Thistle, sometimes called Scotch Thistle. A whole field of them in bloom! These stand three to five feet tall. They are next to a community park and two baseball diamonds. This park is where I most commonly walk my dog.

I also like the mountains in the background, which Glen was so appreciative of — “right in your own back yard!” Furthest away and tallest is Mount Timpanogos, part of the Wasatch Range. Its peek height is close to 12,000 feet. Where we are, with the thistles, is about 4,600 feet.

There are trails of snow remaining as you can see. A relevant marker of melting each year is whether the snow will remain through July 4th. I doubt it this year. These June days each climb to the mid 90s, which the thistle seem to love!

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