Three Dreams

I’m working the next three days in Denton, Texas with good friends / colleagues (frolleagues), Chris Corrigan and Caitlin Frost. Together we are working with a group of 40 from University of North Texas. It’s an Art of Participative Leadership supporting a rather large story of higher learning, community, connection, and evolution of a paradigm in leadership. We are meeting at an event center that overlooks fields like this. I welcome the spaciousness of big skies to come into this learning together.

Last night I had three dreams. I’m continuing to learn about welcoming the impressions that come from dreams. As Thomas Moore says, “Some see the night time as a time to prepare for the real work of the day. However, the day is often what prepares us for the real work of the night that shows itself in our dreams.” The subconscious world isn’t quite so literal as the waking world, which is part of what I like.

One dream was about a friend who offered deep seeing and quiet, knowing support. It was tender. The second dream was about another friend who laughed with me when we made mistakes together. It was delightful. The third was about seeing cave wall writings jumbled together. It was complex, and invited some need to translate the symbols. The details of the dreams don’t matter so much (the small group, the glass of beer, the dog in the corner, the red dust on the cave walls). Or, more clearly, those details might matter for another person or for me on another day.

I hope for and intend over these days, deep seeing, quiet knowing, tenderness, laughter, freedom to make mistakes, working with symbols and translations, spaciousness on the inner and the outer. Good to be in it.

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