Three Questions To Bring Added Depth In The Everyday

There’s a playful seriousness that I love in the questions that we get to ask of each other. So as to deepen our connection. And our learning. And our joy. And our humanity.

The other day is was with a buddy. We mostly connect these days over Zoom every couple of months. But we’ve also had multi-day meanders together.

I asked these questions. We both responded.

What’s animating you?
What’s enlivening you?
What’s befuddling you?

There’s something sparky in the questions. For my buddy and I, it’s a smile and a breath. It’s not formality in the question. It’s directness. It’s purposefulness. It’s soul filling. It’s soulful way.

And we know that we won’t say it all. It’s just that what we do say, we want to come from a particular energy and spirit that has us deeply human together.

Yup, three questions to give a try. Playfully serious.

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